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Alabama beer stores

Lou's Pub and Package Store, 726 29th St. South, 205-322-7005

Vulcan Beverage, 417 University Blvd., 205-328-6275.
  Package store with assorted hard liquor, wine and beer. Brew selection is not quite as broad as the Diplomat's (below)but still offers wide range of singles and six-packs.

Dandy's Discount Package Store, 3502 Florence Blvd., 256-766-4033
  A wide selection of many different brands and types of beer. The largest walk-in beer cooler in the North Alabama area.

Mountain Brook
Overton & Vine Wines, 3150 Overton Rd., 205-967-1409
  Formerly a homebrew supply store and package store, now primarily a wine shop but still carries interesting selection of domestic microbrews and foreign beers.

Party Tyme Liquor & Wine, 1087 S. Memorial Dr., 344-361-1011

Vestavia Hills
Diplomat Delicatessen & Spirits, 1413 Montgomery Highway, 205-979-1515
  Birmingham suburban eatery with excellent food and widest beer selection in the metro area, about 160 different beers available in singles and six-packs.

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