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Beer Travelers projects are created and maintained by Daria Labinsky and Stan Hieronymus, writers and editors who brew beer, drink beer and write about beer together. First, to answer the question we are asked most often: yes, we are married.

Some of the stories here just one of us wrote, but most were written in partnership. We figured that you'd get a little tired seeing our names on the top of every story so there are no bylines.

have some sand Until early 1998, we were Midwesterners. Now we live in New Mexico. We've got a great view of the mountains and the Rio Grande Valley, but we also must carefully shake the sand out of the daily newspaper when we bring it in from the "driveway" each morning.

Little wonder we're thirsty much of the time. We took a step toward solving that problem by joining the Dukes of Ale homebrew club shortly after moving here. Generally we agree with author and homebrewer extraordinaire Randy Mosher when he says the best beer in the world is homebrew -- although we're pretty sure he'd never had any of our beer when he said that.

Since, Dec. 2, 1996 we've been joined in our travels by our daughter Sierra Katharine. That's why you'll see his writing more these days about kid friendly spots than dark, smoke-filled bars. Of course, that was already our bias. She's been to nearly 40 states with us and 200-plus breweries.

We've written three books related to beer. The most recent is The Beer Lover's Guide to the USA, which was released in March 2000. If you look around you can find copies of The Brewpub Cookbook (or you can drop us a line -- we have a few for sale). Our original Beer Travelers Guide is out of print, and the Beer Lover's Guide is more up to date.

We also wrote a book titled Frank Applegate of Santa Fe: Artist and Perservationist that has nothing to do with beer.

Quite honestly, we consider it the highest praise when a reader tells us he or she has used our information to find a great place to drink. However, between us we have won a couple dozen awards from the North American Guild of Beer Writers.

In real life, Stan is editor at The Real Beer Page. We try to also find time to write for other publications. For eight years, we wrote a column for All About Beer magazine, and under a joint byline or individually our stories have appeared in appeared in American Brewer, BeeR the Magazine, BREW!, BrewPub, Brew Your Own, Zymurgy, Men's Journal, New Brewer, Beer Connoisseur and several "brewspapers," including Celebrator Beer News. Our stories about beer have also appeared in newspapers across the country.

When USA TODAY wanted a list of great Irish pubs for their weekly "Where to Find 10 Great ..." feature, they called us.

We not only like to drink beer, but we think it's worth writing about as journalists, which is what we've been most of our working lives. Therefore, we pay for our own beer when we visit bars, so when you read that we like a particular place or a particular beer, remember that we -- like you -- have plunked down our hard-earned dollars for the pleasure.

Sierra, travel and beer aren't our only passions. Before turning our attention to assembling a comprehensive guide to places in the United States serving flavorful beer, we compiled and published the most extensive guide to music festivals available in North America.

Sierra has already been to the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival six times, has many of Joe Ely's songs memorized and commented the other day that the first cut of the new John Hiatt CD sounds a little like Corey Harris. We still try to see Springsteen every fews years, but our interest are wide ranging, including all sorts of jazz, blues, roots, folk and singer-songwriters we call country, many of whom come from Texas.

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