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Brewpub Finder
1,000-plus listings, organized by states. Updated several times a month.

4-star spots
Just 21 spots around the nation earned 4-star ratings in the new Beer Lover's Guide to the USA. While we aren't always comfortable assigning ratings we do know that these are great places to drink flavorful beer.

Some places you don't just ask, "What's on tap?" Here are bars, and even some brewpubs, with more than 50 beers on tap.

Irish pubs
Coleman's Authentic Irish Pub in Syracuse, N.Y., has a beautifully appointed small door for leprechauns right beside its regular front door. A former Syracuse resident swears he once saw a patron who obviously had consumed much too much stout try to crawl through the door at closing time. Stories like that go naturally with Irish pubs.
      List of Irish pubs in the United States

British pubs
It takes more than a red telephone booth and a picture of the queen on the wall to make a good British pub.
      List of British pubs in the United States
      Looking for 'real ale' in the United States

German gems
Try saying these places out loud: Die Bierstube, Der Rathskeller, Gasthof zur Gemutlichkeit . . . With German pubs and restaurants you pretty much know what to expect: good food and beer.
      More German gems

Historic taverns
Today, you can visit museums that once were taverns, but thankfully, you can also visit places that once were taverns and still are -- and, as an added bonus, many of them serve flavorful beer.

Where water and beer mix
What is it about waterside pubs that make you want to drink beer? We most often ask ourselves this question with beer in hand, water nearby.

Belgian favorites
"Eating here is like eating at home," said the Washington Post in a review of the Bistrot Belgique in Occoquan, Va.. Sure, if your mom's an excellent Belgian chef, and dozens of Belgian beers line your basement shelves. More about the Bistrot and other spots that helped spread the word about Belgian beer.

Holiday delights
As unlikely as it may sound, before it burned the Cork & Kerry was a bar you should take your kids to, just so they can spend time gazing in astonishment at the hundreds of Christmas decorations. It was one of many pubs around the nation that consider this a special time of year.

Neighborhood gems
There are still places where almost everybody knows your name and the beertender knows your favorite beer.

How to find a good pub
What do you do when you find yourself in a new town without a copy of The Beer Lover's Guide to the USA in hand? How we found many of our favorite places.

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